Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Student Transportation Working Group  is

  1. To facilitate ongoing feedback from various stakeholders on concerns and suggestions regarding student transportation services in Toronto.
  2. To provide feedback and/or recommendations to the TSTG about student transportation issues.


The committee will engage stakeholders from various fields of interest that are impacted by student transportation. This will include but not limited to School administration, Academic Superintendent, Parent, SEAC representative, Local School bus provider, OSBA member who does not work in Toronto, and the TSTG Operations Committee members. The TSTG Operation Committee members will rotate as chair for the meetings.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Student Transportation Working Group are as follows:
● To review material provided by the TSTG for comment and feedback
● To identify student transportation concerns and bring them to the attention of the committee
● To work with other agencies to collect data and experience
● To recommend changes to be considered by the TSTG Governance Committee.


The Committee will meet up to three times a year and meetings will be available either face to face or through teleconference or video conference.


The General Manager of the TSTG will bring the minutes of the Student Transportation Working Group forward to the next TSTG Governance Committee meeting once the minutes have been approved.