Kevin Hodgkinson
TSTG General Manager
Ellie Cameron
TSTG Operations and Safety Manager
John Hlady
TSTG Planning & Technology Manager
Garry Green
Senior Business Official Responsible for Transportation – TDSB
Michael Loberto
Senior Business Official Responsible for Transportation – TCDSB
Craig Snider
Senior Business Official – Finance – TDSB
Ryan Putnam
Senior Business Official – Finance – TCDSB

Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Operations Committee is to provide day to day operation of the Consortium through the actions of the General Manager.


The Operations Committee will be composed of the Senior Supervisory Officer from each Board that is responsible for transportation along with the General Manager, Manager of Planning & Technology; and Manager of Operations and Safety.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Operations Committee through the General Manager are as follows:

  • Make recommendations concerning the financial planning, annual budgeting, and financial reporting of the Consortium to the Boards.
  • Deal with Operator related contract issues including negotiations and dispute resolution.
  • Identify and advise on policy and regulation matters.
  • Deal with transportation issues including service levels and parent requests for exceptions to policies.
  • Communicate and correspond with the various Provincial Ministries regarding policy direction and regulations.
  • Deal with staffing and safety issues from the employee unit.


The Operations Committee will meet prior to all Governance Committee meetings.  The General Manager will be responsible for creation and distribution of agendas and minutes.  Additional meetings can be called by the General Manager as needed.


The General Manger is responsible for the reporting of Committee meeting minutes and the distribution to the School Boards and electronic posting.  The General Manager will attend any Board meeting at the invitation from either Board should a Transportation matter be considered at the Board meeting.