Zakir Patel & Dennis Hastings
TDSB Trustee
Michael Del Grande & Maria Rizzo
TCDSB Trustee
Stacey Zucker
TDSB Senior Business Official
Derek Boyce
TCDSB Senior Business Official

Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Governance Committee is to provide direction, oversight and advice with respect to transportation within the Consortium.


The Governance committee shall be composed of six members. Each Board will appoint a single Trustee and an alternate to sit on the committee for a period of two years. The Senior Business Officer from each Board or designate will complete the Governance committee. The four Trustees who sit on the committee will alternate turns as the Chair. The Chair will be responsible for the conduct of meetings, including agendas, information processes, and the oversight of reporting and action items.

Roles & Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the Governance Committee are as follows:

• On an annual basis review the Governance Committees annual agenda of activities, mandate, and terms of reference.
• Review and report to the Boards any proposed policy changes
• Develop in conjunction with the Operations Committee a method for selecting the General Manager of the Consortium
• Perform an annual performance review of the General Manager position
• Review policies and procedures to ensure they are consistent with the goals and priorities of the Consortium.
• Mediate and resolve any unresolved issues brought forward by the Operations Committee.
• Approve and publish an annual report on the performance and accomplishments of the Consortium.
• The two School Board SBO and primary Trustee members are the only voting member on the committee.
• The alternate Trustee members are to attend Governance meetings but are non-voting members unless the primary trustee is absent for the vote.
• Two members from each School Board must be present to constitute quorum.


The Governance Committee will meet three times per year either face to face or through teleconference or video conference. Additional meetings may be called at the request of the Chair.


The Committee will ensure that minutes are taken at each meeting and that they are circulated to the Boards and posted for public review as per Board by-laws.