Safety SignsSometimes you just have to drive.  Be it a 4 foot by 4 foot smoking volcano for science class that isn’t allowed on the bus; or too much ice and snow to get there on the bike; or -35C and just a little too cold to walk to school there are times when families are going to drive their children to school.   Some families may have no other options then to drive their children to school but we suggest a number of strategies to help alleviate the traffic congestion already choking traffic zones around schools.  First and foremost please respect the traffic laws and signs that are designed to control traffic around the schools.  Please see the signage page to familiarize yourself with these signs not only to help keep traffic moving around the schools but avoid those large tickets that police enforcement will provide you when you are not following the letter of the law.  Stop a block programs encourage families to park legally a block or two away from the school and then proceed to walk to the school.  Carpooling with neighbours will reduce the number of cars around the school minimizing congestions and reducing pollution levels around the schools.  At all times we need to be safe and responsible motorists. That means we need to understand the laws governing transportation and be aware of our surroundings; especially in school zones.  Students are more likely to be in an accident around school sites while being transported in personal vehicles then when walking; cycling; or taking the school bus or transit.

  • If driving, slowdown in school zones and if possible park away from the school and let your child walk a block or two.
  • If the Parent Safety Program (kiss n ride) is offered at your school please follow the rules provided by the school and follow signage.
  • No U turns anywhere around the school!
  • Don’t loiter around the school; your presence may contribute to the traffic congestion in the area.
  • If parking at the school, turn your car off.  Vehicle emissions are harmful for our students and families.

It is important that everyone knows what signage means around the schools so that everyone remains safe.  If you are not obeying the traffic regulations and signage you are putting students at risk.  Please take a second to familiarize your children and family with some of the signs you will see in and around the school.

Share The Road
Bus Loading Zone
Community Safety Zone
Public service type signs provide advance notice and warnings of issues – This sign warns all vehicles to share the road.
Found in School Bus Loading Zones – No parking allowed between the posted signs.
Signs designed to advise drivers they’re entering an area with increased pedestrian activity – watch for reduced speed limits.
School Zone Crossing
Do Not Pass
No Parking
No Stopping
Sign advertises where students may cross and warns drivers that crossing guards are on duty.
School Zones – slow down and obey the posted speed limits – some may have specific times that speeds are enforced.
No Parking – may be at all times or as above during specific posted times.
No Stopping – Not the place to pull over and let your children out of the car.  Other motorist are not expecting to see a stopped vehicle in this area.

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