Whether you are in grade 3 or in grade 12, cycling can be a fast and enjoyable means to get and from school.  The City of Toronto continues to make important infrastructure changes to ensure cycling is a viable means to get around the city.  A bicycle, however, is the smallest vehicle on the road and precautions must be taken to ensure rider safety.  First and foremost for all riders is:

Wear a helmet – one that fits and provides the proper protection

Your old hockey or snowmobile helmet is not a suitable replacement.  Proper fit of the helmet is paramount to ensuring safety for a student in the event of a collision.

By following some of these tips, however, we hope that your trip to and from school is uneventful.

  • Young children should ride on the sidewalk (note: it is not the age but the size of the bike that is allowed to ride on the sidewalks – tire size must be under 61 centimeters or 24 inches)
  • If bike paths are available please use them – they are designed for you the rider.
  • Try to ride in groups for improved safety – but remember to ride single file
  • Remember ‘right of weight’ – although as a cyclist you way have right of way in a particular circumstance other drivers may not see you or concede the right of way.  Be vigilant – expect the unexpected.
  • Be visible – wear clothes that can be seen by other drivers.  Proper attire will also ensure students stay dry and avoid catching in chains or tires.

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