Cycling SafetyOne of the quickest ways to get to and from school in a city that has significant traffic congestion is to cycle there.  This may take the form of bicycles, scooters, roller blades or any other human powered machine that has wheels.  Granted, the city may not be conducive for our youngest students to cycle to and from school but cycling remains a viable choice for a number of our older students.  There is a significant and vocal movement underway that is forcing decision makers to ensure that varies modes of active transportation remain viable in our local communities.

That means schools have bike racks for all our students who want to cycle; our sidewalks and bicycle lanes are clear of debris and hazards; and our students receive the proper training to ensure they are safe and secure when they participate in this type of travel.  Active transportation partners are working towards these goals so that cycling can be a legitimate choice for our students.

What’s stopping you from letting your children cycle to and from school?  Let us know, we will work with our community partners to address those concerns and make cycling a viable, safe, and healthy means for our students to get to and from school.

  • When cycling, always wear your helmet!
  • If you are riding on the sidewalk; share with pedestrians and slow down.
  • Obey traffic signals and follow the rules of the road.
  • Expect the unexpected; car door openings and turning vehicles may not see you.
  • Let those around you know you are there! Wear bright waterproof clothing and ensure your bicycle is in good operating condition.

Check out the following “Young Riders Guide” to help you get started with a cycling routine.

Ask the Experts

City of Toronto The City of Toronto has a significant number of resources designed to assist stakeholders to make cycling a viable choice to and from school.
Cycle Toronto One of the foremost groups in the City of Toronto promoting infrastructure and program initiatives that make cycling a viable choice in this city.

Useful Links

Safe Routes to School Active & Safe Routes to School is a community-based initiative that promotes the use of active transportation for the daily trip to school, addressing health, physical activity, and traffic safety issues while taking action on air pollution and climate change.
Safe Kids Canada Safe kids Canada develops and supports injury prevention programming and advocacy efforts are designed to help Canadians reduce their risks of injury while enjoying long lives lived to the fullest
Heart and Stroke Foundation The Heart and Stroke Foundation is one of the leading organizations in pursuit of sustainable active transportation initiatives that supports their overall goal of healthy lifestyles
Active Healthy Kids Active Healthy Kids Canada strives to be a trusted source for “powering the movement to get kids moving”—a ‘go to’ source for knowledge, insight and understanding that influences thinking and action among issue stakeholders to help them build better programs, campaigns and policies in order to increase physical activity among children and youth.
Start Cycling Start Cycling is a comprehensive website that is designed to answer your questions as they pertain to ‘How do I start cycling’ and ‘What do I need to know about Cycling’.

Smartphone Apps

Toronto Cycling App Help build a better bicycle network in and around your neighbourhood. The app will monitor the bicycle path used to get around your community and join it together with others to help collect data to assist the City of Toronto in developing their bike path network.