The Purple Equals Parent or PEP program is designed to assist the driver to identify students who must be met. A purple band/tag will be affixed to a student’s backpack as an indicator that they must be met. The program requires the involvement of a number of partners including parents, schools, school bus company, school bus driver, the Transportation Department and the student. Each stakeholder has a role to play in ensuring the safe delivery of students home at the end of the day. PEP Brochure

Roles & Responsibilities

  • The Parent: is responsible to notify the school that their child must be met at the school bus drop-off. They are responsible to be at the stop on time to meet their child or to notify school staff that they will not be able to pick up their child, in which case the child will remain at the school for the parent to pick-up.
  • The Student: is responsible to keep the purple tag on their backpack and report a missing tag to their parents or school. They are responsible to know who is to meet them at the bus stop. If the person who normally meets them is not there, they need to inform the driver.
  • The Driver: is responsible to check for the purple tag on backpacks and to ensure the student is met. If an adult (or responsible older sibling) is not at the stop, the driver will contact dispatch and await instructions on how to proceed.
  • The Bus Company: is responsible to train their drivers so they know the purple tag drop-off procedures.
  • The School: is responsible for tagging all students in the PEP program and to replace tags as necessary. School staff will inform the Transportation Department of all tagged students and transportation issues.
  • The Transportation Department: is responsible to provide the student lists, brochures, and the purple bands to the schools and bus companies for use.