Application Forms

In order to apply for transportation an application form must be completed and submitted to the school for review.  If everything is in order the school will forward your application to the Transportation unit for processing.  Before selecting a form below please confirm your eligibility.  If you are not sure please check board policies or use our transportation eligibility utility found here:

Coming Soon

Our new on-line application form will allow you to submit your request on-line.  You will need to be registered with an account on our site.  If you don’t already have one please go to the following site and add your children to your account:  We will let families know when the tool is up and running.

If you are eligible for transportation.

Please complete the following form:  Student Transportation Form

If you are not eligible for transportation but wish to apply for an empty seat or seek some extenuating circumstance

Please complete this form: Empty Seat Form

Please also note that any student that is not eligible for transportation will not be processed till after the Thanksgiving long week-end to ensure that all eligible students have been accommodated.  Should there be room and or time available on an existing school bus we will accommodate your request at that time.