A number of Toronto schools have the ‘Safety Patrol Program’ in place as a means to help students get to and from school safely. This peer based program allows for older students aged 11 and up to monitor school crossings by ensuring students cross streets in a safe and responsible manner. Unlike crossing guards, patrollers don’t stop or direct traffic. Students are placed at lower volume intersections or crossing locations where they can assist students and families by ensuring the roadway is clear of danger prior to students crossing the street. Currently over 2000 students in Toronto participate in this program at 73 schools located throughout the City. One statistic that has to be championed is that no student has ever been involved in an accident where a safety patroller has been on duty.

Safety Patroller
Schools that have students interested in participating in the Safety Patroller program should contact the CAA at schoolsafetypatrol@caasco.ca for more information, or Constable Jenelle Higo from Toronto Police Service at 416-808-1967. More information on the program itself can be located on the CAA website. Toronto Police Service works with the CAA, schools and patrollers to ensure that all students are trained and prepared to take on the duties associated with this program.