Maps have been designed specifically for TDSB and TCDSB schools with students in kindergarten to grade 8 to help families plan an active route to school. Select your school name using one of the drop down menus below and start planning an active route to school - it might be closer than you think!




 Vision Zero (City of Toronto) The City of Toronto’s “Vision Zero” Safety Brochure for School Children is a road safety guide for common travel modes to school, including walking, cycling, school bus and travel by car.
Practicing Safe School Travel
Return to School September 2020
 Things you need to know for planning your trip to/from school.

Printable I-Spy Game Print out and bring with you on your walk to school, either from home or from a location closer to the school. How many of these items can you find along your route? For added fun, try a new route to see what else you can find, or compete with classmates and other friends!