Ever wonder how a school bus was made? The school bus is the safest mode of trans-portation used today to provide transportation for students to and from school. Unlike other vehicles on the road there are specific features built into the bus as a means to ensure the safety of passengers. This includes the high back energy absorbing seats, shatter proof windows, compartmentalization, and other industry specific features that enhances the safety for passengers while travelling on the bus. Did you notice that there are no other vehicles painted ‘school bus yellow’ on the road. Yes, there are varying degrees of yellow paints found on cars but the specific colour you see on a school bus is unique to the industry and not allowed to be used on other vehicles.

This is to help other vehicles on the road and pedestrians easily identify a school bus on the road. Why a black hood on the school bus? Unlike the United States the hoods on a Canadian school bus is painted matte black in order to reduce the glare from the sun bouncing off the hood into the drivers eyes. The fine for passing a school bus with it’s stop arm extended and lights flashing? On first offence you can be fined $400 to $2000 and six demerit points.

Now you know how a school bus is built. Safe Travelling!

“Every bus Blue Bird builds is custom made, no two school buses on the assembly line are exactly alike.”