October brings beautiful fall colours and School Bus Safety Week.


This year School Bus Safety Week runs October 17-21, 2022


We encourage all schools with buses to bring these timely reminders to their bus students during

School Bus Safety Week and throughout the  year.


Please remember:


Be on time at your bus stop (be 5 minutes early)

Wait safely at your stop (stay off the road and private property)

Go to the bus only after it has come to a complete stop

Enter the bus one at a time (Hold the handrail)

Stay seated in your bus seat

Talk quietly to your bus neighbours

Remain in your seat until the bus has come to a complete stop at your school or bus stop

Hold the handrail when leaving the bus

Walk away from the bus onto the sidewalk or driveway

If you have to cross the street wait 10 steps ahead of the bus  for the driver to signal the way is clear

Cross directly to the other side and check for cars as you cross

October 19th, 2022—School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

At the core of student safety is our school bus drivers.  Please remember to offer a word of thanks to them for the extremely important job they do for our students each and every day.

Buster the Talking School Bus


                       Buster the talking school bus

                       will be visiting some of our schools

                       during School Bus Safety week.