How do we get that student from your house onto that school bus?  It starts with the transportation forms.  Delivery of appropriate and timely school bus service depends on us receiving all the correct information.

If we do not have all information it will cause delays in providing transportation for a student.  It may even be refused i.e. if the program is left blank, we assume that it is a regular student, and they may not qualify for transportation under the Board Transportation Policy, when the student really has a special education designation and as such are entitled to transportation.

Transportation Forms New

It is also important that we have the address and phone number for babysitters and/or Daycare facilities.  We may need to reach someone in the event of an emergency.

If you have any accessibility issues it is important that you discuss this with the school and the specific information is recorded on our forms so that we can ensure we met the needs of our students and families.

Our thanks to everyone out there that helps ensure we have good information.


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