A New School Year –  A Reminder About School Bus Safety

Be Prepared! Be Safe! Be Informed!

By following those three steps we can all do our part to ensure that our students are transported safely to and from school each and every day. Here are some other safety tips that will help ensure keep our kids safe on the bus.

  • Know where your bus stop is located. Practice walking to and from the bus stop and demonstrate safe walking and crossing routines for your children. Bus stop and route information is available at your child’s school office.
  • Be at your bus stop on time and wait in a safe place away from traffic.
    (Please respect private property.)
  • Wait your turn to get on the bus and do not move near the bus until it is fully stopped and the door is opened.
  • During the bus ride your child needs to stay in their seat and should not leave their seat until the bus is fully stopped and the door is opened at their destination.
  • When riding the bus home at the end of the day encourage your child to look for the adult who is there to pick them up. If they don’t see that person they need to stay on the bus and tell the driver. If no one is there to pick them up the driver will return them to their school. Please make arrangements for someone to collect your child from the bus or school if you know you are running late to meet the bus.

We all want your child’s bus ride to be a safe and pleasant experience.

School Bus Safety Week—October 22 – 26