The Toronto Transportation Group is pleased to introduce ‘BusPlanner’ as our new transportation management software.  How does new software improve the transportation for our students?  The BusPlanner software has been around for a few years but has really come in to its own recently.  The software created by ‘Georef’ based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada has made it much easier not only for staff to create effective and efficient bus routes for our schools and families but to communicate to these groups better as well.


The Transportation Portal will undergo upgrades so it reads directly from the software to provide general student transportation information for our family’s along with new functionality in terms of ways to receive notification of delayed buses.  E-mail, text messages, RSS feeds and a new App to track your bus will be rolled out gradually to improve the means in which we are able to communicate with our families.  The software will also integrate with data from our school bus operator GPS systems allowing for real time planned versus actual time at bus stops.


We hope the new functionality provides greater access and information about your student transportation!



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