The school bus has been for decades a safe and reliable means to get students to and from school.  As technology evolves, so does the possibilities for leveraging this equipment on our school buses to make them even safer.  The advancement of camera technology is now to a point where the resolution is of such high quality that it can be used on school buses to capture vehicles that are illegally passing the school bus when the stop arm is out and motorist are required to stop.  The benefit to these stop arm cameras is that over time the general population will come to understand that passing a school bus with its lights and arm activated will be an expensive mistake.  The camera itself will snap a picture of the front or rear license plate only when it detects the stop arm is extended.

Another new technology that has recently made strides into the marketplace is the installation of technology on the steering wheel that will detect if the driver has elevated levels of alcohol or drugs in their system.  Although school bus drivers are screened before hiring this additional layer of technology will further improve the safety of our students.  Sensors in the steering wheel will determine if alcohol is present and if it is, the starter is disabled and an alert is sent to the employer.

Do you know of other technology that will help safe guard our students?  Let us know.