An important area designated by law for a school bus to load and unload student passengers on a roadway or within a school driveway.



The “LOADING ZONE” is delineated by white regulatory signs that set the limits of the bus zone area that a school-bus stops within.  The driver of a school-bus must stop the bus close to the right-hand curb or roadway edge between the signage arrows.  The driver is required to stop the bus on the same side of the road these signs are posted and it is illegal for a school bus to unload passengers on the opposite side of the road from the marked school-bus loading zone.  Bus drivers cannot operate the flashing lights or stop arm within a school-bus loading zone.

At school sites, remember it is imperative that bus loading zone areas are kept clear for school bus usage.  Be respectful of the “School Bus Loading Zones”, enforcement penalties may be levied for non-bus drivers that utilize this space.

The most dangerous time on any school bus ride is getting on and off the school bus. Young children are not aware of traffic and easily distracted. Please ensure that all bus arrivals and departures have staff to supervise and direct students through the busy loading zone and onto their school bus or the school property.