At times, extra equipment is required to keep your child secured safely on our smaller school buses.  Although Transport Canada has indicated that seat belts do not provide any further safety benefits on school buses the Toronto Boards do utilize them on our small school buses.  Part of the reason seat belts are used on these buses is the fact that we have a number of students who require additional supports while in transit and the seat belt is an active component of those supports.

Commonly, if a child continually and successfully unbuckles the seat belt, we would suggest your school request a seat belt cover lock guard be used while the student is in transit.  This child-resistant safety cap helps deter the opening of standard push-button closures on seat belts.  

The safety of your child and all students is our main priority while being transported.  Students with special needs may require alternative securement methods to ensure they stay seated and in an upright position within the seat compartment while in transit.  If a student requires this additional securement the parent and the school must support the application and a medical practitioner must write a prescription for its use on the school bus.  All vests have 4 clips that buckle onto cam straps affixed to the bus to ensure the student is securely supported while in transit.

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