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The Toronto Student Transportation Group is an initiative between both the Toronto Catholic District School Board and the Toronto District School Board. Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our students through various modes of transportation and to help families make informed decisions regarding their transportation choices when accessing education here in Toronto.


Technology – Making It’s Way To The School Bus

The school bus has been for decades a safe and reliable means to get students to and from school.  As technology evolves, so does the possibilities for leveraging this equipment on our school buses to make them even safer.  The advancement of camera technology is now to a point where the resolution is of such high quality that it can be used on school buses to capture vehicles that are illegally passing the school bus when the stop arm is out and motorist are required to stop.  The benefit to these stop arm cameras is that over time the general population will come to understand that passing a school bus with its lights and arm activated will be an expensive mistake.  The camera itself will snap a picture of the front or rear license plate only when it detects the stop arm is extended.

Another technology that has been around for awhile but only recently deployed on school buses is the use of GPS.  This technology allows the school bus company to know where exactly their bus is in real time.  This technology will soon be available to our school communities so that you can see exactly ‘where’s my bus’  in real time.  Keep an eye out on your portal profile for another tab to show up that will allow you to access this service.  With the introduction of GPS we are also investigating the use of RFID cards so that we can ensure students are entering and leaving the correct bus.  This integration of technology does take some time so please keep an eye out for news releases from the transportation unit.

Do you know of other technology that will help safe guard our students?  Let us know.

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Current News

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day today Wednesday October 24th. Our sincere thanks for the job that you do. ...

Welcome Back!
We hope everyone has enjoyed the summer break. Just a reminder to log into the new transportation portal starting August 16th to confirm your transportation information for the 2018-2019 school year and sign up for notification of school bus delays. Just a reminder that this is a new system and anyone who registered last year will have to sign up again this year on the new site. If you are new to transportation and did not provide your transportation application to the school prior to June please do so starting the week of August 27th when school staff return. Please be aware, however, that applications received at that time will likely take some time to process and service may not start for the first week of school.

Fast Facts

  • Number of buses: 1816
  • Number of students transported: 56,617
  • Total distance traveled: 71,241 km
  • Annual budget: $90 M
  • Number of carriers: 7
  • Change requests each September: 1400

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