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The Toronto Student Transportation Group is an initiative between both the Toronto Catholic District School Board and the Toronto District School Board. Our goal is to ensure the health and safety of our students through various modes of transportation and to help families make informed decisions regarding their transportation choices when accessing education here in Toronto.


There is Something Going on in the Dark

It’s the dead of winter, its Monday…another school week begins. But it is a cold one, -15 Celsius, it snowed overnight and the wind is blowing, better bundle up the kids today. While you contemplate what to pack for their lunches and get them ready for the bus…. There has already been much going on outside. The bus driver’s day begins a lot earlier. They have had their cup of coffee, bundled up and made their way out to the bus….it starts, the driver smiles, old reliable. The snow on the bus is heavy today….but they manage to get it all off.

Special bus driver

The sleet before the snow has left a sheet of ice under it, the driver works hard to clear the window. The snow plow clearing the street has left a pile of snow beside the bus… the driver works hard to clear it away so the bus can get out..  they’re on the way. They arrive at your stop with a smile and good morning. The bus is warm, just another day.


This typical scene in a Canadian winter takes place many times across the city…so the next time we have a day like the one described above……….be sure to thank the driver for all their work in the dark.


It always seems impossible until it’s done.

― Nelson Mandela


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Starting Kindergarten in the Fall? Ask your school if they have a school bus session set up for their kindergarten orientation day. Your child will learn school bus etiquette as it pertains to safely using the school bus for the first time. Parents get the information they need to ensure their child is ready to take the school bus and responsibilities of all parties involved. ...

Buses are running today. We expect normal service this morning but there may be delays this afternoon due to weather. Parents always have the option to keep students at home (especially students travelling long distances or medically fragile students) given the expected delays in returning these students home tonight because of the traffic. ...

Fast Facts

  • Number of buses: 1700
  • Number of students transported: 56,617
  • Total distance traveled: 71,241 km
  • Annual budget: $80 M
  • Number of carriers: 6
  • Change requests each September: 1400

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